My Little Boy: A Pee Story

Once toilet-trained, my little boy
Made the most of being “free”
Inside, outside, far and wide
Oh, the places he did pee!
My little boy “watered” our lemon tree
In a bid to make it grow
I’ll admit that’s really not so bad
But it was just the start, you know.
My little boy peed from atop our slide
Oh, he laughed with such delight
As his “waterfall” splashed side to side
And his sisters ran screaming, in fright.

My little boy peed into his closet one day
Onto the floor, but not the clothes
A single word he did not say
I was left to follow my nose!
My little boy peed into his toybox, too
Over every block, car and jet
Unknowing, I reached in to grab a toy…
Surprise! it was smelly and wet.
My little boy peed at the local park
Standing next to one of his friends
They suddenly turned to talk to each other
You can guess how that story ends!
My little boy peed from our balcony
Aiming at a tree way down below
For passers-by it must’ve been
Quite an entertaining show.
My little boy is older now
Peeing is no longer a game
My little boy goes where he should 
But he still needs to work on his aim!