My Autopilot Brain

The human brain’s a lazy beast
In terms of work, it prefers the least
Given any chance, habits will form
Much less thinking – that’s the norm!
Take my drive to work each day
“How’d I get here?” I often say
I don’t remember turning right
What colour was that traffic light?
And the left turn, way back there
I hope I did that one with care
All those road signs – I paid no heed
Fingers crossed I didn’t speed.
You see, my brain takes a little break
As if the commute’s “a piece of cake”
Believing that there’s nothing to it
Means “autopilot” gets to do it.
Please brain, stay on for common tasks
It’s really not too much to ask
Driving demands more attention
So do other things I’d like to mention.
Stay switched on when I’m going out
So I’m not left to stress about
Whether I’ve locked the front door
Turned off the iron, oven, and more.
And, wherever I go, when I get there
Come on – show a bit more care
Lift your game, please, raise the bar
So I can recall if I’ve locked the car!
Dear brain, don’t worry or despair
Just work a bit harder, it’s only fair
For now though, I will call it a day
I’ve forgotten what else I was going to say!

My Name

Kathryn is my given name
I save it for things formal
I really don’t mind it at all, and…
I’m glad the spelling’s not “normal”.
My parents were quite the rebels
It’s not a name from the family tree
They went for something different
Thought outside the box, for me.
My name of course get shortened
I just use “Kathy” for everyday
It serves me well for writing
For work, and also for play.
Then there’s “Kath” (I don’t mind)
Used mainly by family and friends
Us Aussies make names really short
So of course that’s not the end.
A few have gone the extra mile
And referred to me as “Kat”
I smiled and did not complain

Though I’m not too sure about that.


I recall a saying my Dad often used
It may be old, yet it’s a winner
“You can call me anything you like,
Just don’t call me late for dinner!”