Boxing Day and Chill?

It’s Boxing Day in Melbourne
I awoke still full, and tired
I really should relax, and chill
But instead I’m feeling wired.
Half the house is at the cricket
The other half, still asleep
I think about what chores to do
Busy, I like to keep.
I could spend the day at home
No need for the grocery store
We’ve surely enough leftovers
To last a week, or more.
Shopping centres I’ll avoid
All those Boxing Day promotions…
They can keep their discounts
All the crowds, and the commotion.  🙅
The house already had a clean
Everything’s been put away
Perhaps I shouldput up my feet
And enjoy this sunny day.
A comfy chair outside sounds nice
And a nap would suit me fine
But, if I’m still not relaxed…
There’s always the leftover wine  🍾

Tennis – My Sport

I think back to my childhood
And all the activities I tried
Calisthenics, tennis, Brownies

Till my parents said “Please decide”


“All of this is just too much

We know you think it’s fun
But, we really can’t keep this up
So please, Kath, just choose one…”
The decision was quite easy
It took very little thought
I settled upon tennis
(My mum’s favourite sport).
I did have coaching for a while
‘Till I was ready to play
Then I began in Juniors
Early mornings, each Saturday.
Before long, I started Seniors
You’d think I would be stuffed
But I also played midweek, at night
I just couldn’t get enough!
It wasn’t just about the sport
Or matches to be won
We all enjoyed the social side
And sure had lots of fun.  🍺
A few of us played Sunday nights
An indoor comp, we had a ball
That’s where I met my husband
You could say we scored “love all”.  🎾 💑
(We do make a good doubles pair
But have different styles, you know
He has mastered slice and spin
While I slog it, flat and low).
Later, when my kids were little
And I was between jobs
I played some midweek ladies
And soon refined my lobs!
More recent attempts to have a hit
Have caused some consternation
My brain remembers, my muscles do not
The end result is much frustration.  😣
There are many cobwebs to dust off
Before I reignite the passion
But before I play, I’ll need new clothes
My old trackies are out of fashion!

We’re Out Of…

My child stares into the pantry
Then turns to me, with a pout
“Hey Mum, look at the (fill in the blanks)
It has pretty much run out”.
“Now what am I going to eat?
Why haven’t you bought more?
I thought you’d have picked some up
You’re forever at the grocery store.”
Hungry child, please have a seat
And listen closely to my story
In my head, there’s no magic list
No household invent-ory.
I really can’t keep track of
Everything that’s running low
So if you don’t communicate
Then how am I to know?
Better yet, you’ve got two legs
The store’s close – you know the way
So you can go get things yourself
(And, yes, I’ll be happy to pay).
Dear child, when things next run out
I won’t be blamed any more
Pretty soon you may find
You’re forever at the grocery store!   😉