The Australian Open

It’s the last two weeks of January
And the Australian Open’s here
I do enjoy the spectacle
I’ve been going for many years.
The tournament is world-class
The tennis just can’t be beat
But, as sure as the Pope’s a Catholic,

With the tennis, comes the heat. 

Source: The Age
Since I first started going
I’ve seen a changing of the guard
Keeping track of just who’s who?
I find that really hard.
When it comes to favourites
I’m a bit stuck in the past
Lendl, Edberg, Steffi Graf…
Oh, the time it goes so fast!
I do miss Henri Leconte
He brought fun, and laughter
Now, some of our current lot
Make me miss that nice Pat Rafter.
Novak’s a modern favourite
But there’s nobody like the Fed
Will Ferrell really was spot on
“You’re like a gazelle”, he said.
Source: The Daily Mirror
Watching the Open inspires me
To play again, and join a team
I doubt I’ll win a tournament
But a girl can always dream…

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