Our Puppy: The Fashionista

Our puppy is quite talented
Her skills – they have no end
When it comes to fashion advice
On her, I can depend.
I should take her shopping
She has great “taste” in shoes
She’s fussy about slippers –
Hotel freebies just won’t do.
I was dismayed about my boots
Till I understood the reason
She saved me from a big mistake
Those boots were sooo last season!


Freebies? Not on her watch!


Grabbing socks or stockings
She’ll run off out the door
She wants us to be up-to-date
Buying new ones from the store.
Accessories are her specialty
How she loves hats and sunnies!
But, sometimes the alterations
Really aren’t that funny.
She added a fringe to my cap 😧
Well, I sure let out a yelp
You see, there really are some times
I can do without the help!

Yes, some “advice” has been good
While some has left me vexed
All the while I’m left to ponder
What she’ll turn her eye to next!

Hi there, everyone, what do your pets get up to? Feel free to leave a comment below. Kath 😀

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