Finding My Car 🚗

I’m always at the local mall
I can walk, it’s not that far
Although – to be quite honest
I often take the car.
Because of that annoying
Autopilot brain of mine*
Forgetting where I have parked
Happens all the time!
So I’ve devised a system
It’s kind of a little game…
(While I find it amusing
My kids just think it’s lame).
I take the letter of the Level
And the number of the Row
Then I turn it into a word
That I’ll recall, you know.
If park on Level F
Somewhere in Row 1
Perhaps my retail outing
Will be lots of fun.
But if I’m on Level C
In Row number 4
When I get home, I may need
To exercise my core.
My odd little system makes
Finding the car a breeze
Now I need a simple way
To find my flamin’ keys!
I had another verse in mind
About a D6 parking spot…
But my hubby shook his head
“Perhaps you’d better not”.


 * see

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