Car Pride (or not)

My Dad was fond of cars
He treated them with care
Always kept them spick and span
With few signs of wear.

He’d wash, and dry and polish
Till the outside gleamed
Interiors were spotless
Barely used, it seemed.

He’d do basic maintenance
Think oil, and wiper blades
Water bottles were kept full
Car pride, he had in spades.

He never let a fuel tank
Drop below a quarter
Oh, I wish those car-care genes
Had passed on to his daughter…

I should pay so much more
Attention to my car
Dad would surely wonder
How I let it get this far.

The outside? It has layers
Of grime, dirt, and dust
I will wash it one day soon
Oh, yes, I really must.

The mirrors, they have cobwebs
My tyres are almost bald
The inside? Well, it’s full of junk
Dad would be appalled!

This weekend, I’ll clean my car
The weather will be great!
Sunny days coming up…
Perhaps the car can wait.

Wrinkles – or Holidays?

Lunched with friends one Sunday
Many things we did discuss
Work, plans, family life..
Age catching up with us.
We’re all approaching fifty
(I must say, we’re mildly shocked)
We don’t want life to pass us by
We want to say life “rocked”.
We spoke of bands we want to see
Of trips that will be great
Wanting to enjoy weekends –
We agreed housework can wait!
A sunny Saturday at the beach 🏖
Life’s far too short to worry
About hair that’s turning grey
And when it comes to “fine lines”
We might get to them, one day.
Fight the visible signs of ageing?
We’d rather save our dough 💰
There are so many places to be
And things to do, you know.
One friend nicely summed it up
“Wrinkles – or holidays?”
Given any chance, I’ll pack my bag
And head off – lead the way!