School’s Out

I enjoyed a trip to Disneyland
A place of good times and mirth
But it has some competition
For the “happiest place on Earth”.

For the happiest place I’ve ever seen
Brimming with laughter and cheer
Is a staffroom full of teachers
At the end of the school year! 🎉


School’s out for summer!

Spider Veins

Spider veins, please go away
Don’t come back another day!
I had injections, you should be gone
But, instead, you press on…

Onwards you spread, purple and blue
What on earth am I to do? 
I’m tired of long pants in the heat
Perhaps I should admit defeat…

Let my legs have some fresh air
And worry not if people stare
Wear what I want, and be bold
It’s quite liberating (so I’m told). 

The Royal Family

We met the Royal Family
About four years ago
Not from a great distance
But right up close, you know.

It was an unplanned meeting
I must say, I was impressed
They looked so poised and regal
(While I felt under-dressed!)

We were on our best behaviour
And promised not to touch
It was sure was nice to meet ‘em
But they didn’t say too much…

Royals 1

Getting Warmer

My poor hands are always cold
Forever turning white or blue
Alas, my woes do not end there
For my feet are icy, too.

Because I am so frosty
Nobody wants to touch
They say “Stay away from me!”
“Icicle hands!” and such…

But there is a silver lining
That makes it seem less dire
For I do enjoy warming up
In front of a toasty fire.

I’ll Be Good!

Won’t you let me come inside?
I swear, there won’t be trouble
Just open up the door for me
Please do it, on the double!

Trixie at window

I promise not to make a mess
I promise I’ll be good!
I just want to be with you
Like any puppy would   💚

Storage Addiction

My name is Kathy, and I have
Quite the storage addiction
Everywhere around my house
Are signs of this affliction…

You don’t have to look far
All around, you will find
Boxes, baskets, racks
And tubs of every kind.

Linen cupboard, pantry,
The space below the stairs,
Bathroom, laundry, office –
Storage “solutions” everywhere!

I even have tubs “under bed”
How many, I won’t mention
(If buy more storage stuff
There may be an intervention!)


What Spring Brings

Spring flowers sure are beautiful
The colours and scents do please
I wish I could enjoy them more…
But all I do is sniff and sneeze!

I love to walk on sunny days
But with spring, I have issues
For I am left with itchy eyes
And my nose buried in tissues.

It’s a shame that such beauty
Brings with it such trials
Oh, to enjoy this season
Not with sniffles, but with smiles.