Car Pride (or not)

My Dad was fond of cars
He treated them with care
Always kept them spick and span
With few signs of wear.

He’d wash, and dry and polish
Till the outside gleamed
Interiors were spotless
Barely used, it seemed.

He’d do basic maintenance
Think oil, and wiper blades
Water bottles were kept full
Car pride, he had in spades.

He never let a fuel tank
Drop below a quarter
Oh, I wish those car-care genes
Had passed on to his daughter…

I should pay so much more
Attention to my car
Dad would surely wonder
How I let it get this far.

The outside? It has layers
Of grime, dirt, and dust
I will wash it one day soon
Oh, yes, I really must.

The mirrors, they have cobwebs
My tyres are almost bald
The inside? Well, it’s full of junk
Dad would be appalled!

This weekend, I’ll clean my car
The weather will be great!
Sunny days coming up…
Perhaps the car can wait.

Finding My Car 🚗

I’m always at the local mall
I can walk, it’s not that far
Although – to be quite honest
I often take the car.
Because of that annoying
Autopilot brain of mine*
Forgetting where I have parked
Happens all the time!
So I’ve devised a system
It’s kind of a little game…
(While I find it amusing
My kids just think it’s lame).
I take the letter of the Level
And the number of the Row
Then I turn it into a word
That I’ll recall, you know.
If park on Level F
Somewhere in Row 1
Perhaps my retail outing
Will be lots of fun.
But if I’m on Level C
In Row number 4
When I get home, I may need
To exercise my core.
My odd little system makes
Finding the car a breeze
Now I need a simple way
To find my flamin’ keys!
I had another verse in mind
About a D6 parking spot…
But my hubby shook his head
“Perhaps you’d better not”.


 * see

My Autopilot Brain

The human brain’s a lazy beast
In terms of work, it prefers the least
Given any chance, habits will form
Much less thinking – that’s the norm!
Take my drive to work each day
“How’d I get here?” I often say
I don’t remember turning right
What colour was that traffic light?
And the left turn, way back there
I hope I did that one with care
All those road signs – I paid no heed
Fingers crossed I didn’t speed.
You see, my brain takes a little break
As if the commute’s “a piece of cake”
Believing that there’s nothing to it
Means “autopilot” gets to do it.
Please brain, stay on for common tasks
It’s really not too much to ask
Driving demands more attention
So do other things I’d like to mention.
Stay switched on when I’m going out
So I’m not left to stress about
Whether I’ve locked the front door
Turned off the iron, oven, and more.
And, wherever I go, when I get there
Come on – show a bit more care
Lift your game, please, raise the bar
So I can recall if I’ve locked the car!
Dear brain, don’t worry or despair
Just work a bit harder, it’s only fair
For now though, I will call it a day
I’ve forgotten what else I was going to say!