Storage Addiction

My name is Kathy, and I have
Quite the storage addiction
Everywhere around my house
Are signs of this affliction…

You don’t have to look far
All around, you will find
Boxes, baskets, racks
And tubs of every kind.

Linen cupboard, pantry,
The space below the stairs,
Bathroom, laundry, office –
Storage “solutions” everywhere!

I even have tubs “under bed”
How many, I won’t mention
(If buy more storage stuff
There may be an intervention!)


Declutter – Junk Mail

Now that the New Year has hit
You may have heard me mutter
“Just look around at all this stuff
It’s time (again) to declutter”.
Good stuff goes to the op shop
Broken stuff into the bin
And, perhaps, I should cut down
On the stuff that’s coming in
That paper pile on the bench?
It grows without a thought
Till I can’t stand it any more
And through it, I must sort.
I bought this sign months ago
It’ll go out front, one day
My family don’t believe me
“That’s what you always say”.
Catalogues in the mailbox
Surely I can do without…?
But, you see, sometimes
I just don’t want to miss out!
Can’t resist a bargain 🍾😀