I Confess

Oh, my neglected blog.  It has been too long since my last visit.  (Almost two years to the day!)

I confess, I have given into temptation. I’ve been with others – Canva, Redbubble, Instagram, Twitter, and more…

Please forgive me.  😉

Photo by Gabriel Freytez on Pexels.com

Practicality vs. Passion

Dear reader, what am I to do?
Be practical? Or follow my passion?
I’ve done some self-discovery
(After all, it’s quite the fashion).

Oh, giving up the day job
Would be a dream come true
To write what I like (and get paid)
Well, that’s what I’d love to do!

Till a big break comes along
Sadly, a hobby this must stay
(I do need the reassurance
Of receiving regular pay!).

But who out there has done it?
Taken a leap, despite the doubt?
Feel free to share your wisdom
Tell me, how’s it working out?

Oh, Procrastination….


I procrastinate too much
It is quite sad, but true
When I should be writing
I find other things to do….

It may be loads of washing
Or giving clothes a press
It may be “retail therapy”
To look for a new dress.

Often, it’s planning meals
Or food shopping every day
(I’m good at procrasti-baking
We get lots of treats that way!)

I’ll find myself cleaning house
To banish dust and grime
I get hooked on social media
Oh, the time I waste online!

Often, I’ll spend hours
Sorting books and clothes
De-cluttering (yet again)
The time? Well it just goes…

Sometimes, I do knuckle down
Hoping to feel inspired…
But the words refuse to come
‘Cos by then, I’m far too tired!


The Write Time

Getting in the “writing zone”
Can sometimes be quite tricky
Social media, texts, emails…
Distractions sure mount quickly!
I must put aside the looming chores
And pretend they don’t exist
Flick over pages on the notepad
To avoid the “To-Do” list…
I need a space that’s perfect
Not too noisy, not too quiet
I need the right amount of light
And some snacks that fit the diet 🍎
Bottomless coffee is a must
(Or wine –  yes, I’ll have some!)
If conditions are just right
Then, maybe, the words will come
But… there’s another distraction
Which stops me writing more
A certain little “helper”
Who’s just too cute to ignore 🐶