I’ll Be Good!

Won’t you let me come inside?
I swear, there won’t be trouble
Just open up the door for me
Please do it, on the double!

Trixie at window

I promise not to make a mess
I promise I’ll be good!
I just want to be with you
Like any puppy would   💚

Storage Addiction

My name is Kathy, and I have
Quite the storage addiction
Everywhere around my house
Are signs of this affliction…

You don’t have to look far
All around, you will find
Boxes, baskets, racks
And tubs of every kind.

Linen cupboard, pantry,
The space below the stairs,
Bathroom, laundry, office –
Storage “solutions” everywhere!

I even have tubs “under bed”
How many, I won’t mention
(If buy more storage stuff
There may be an intervention!)


What Spring Brings

Spring flowers sure are beautiful
The colours and scents do please
I wish I could enjoy them more…
But all I do is sniff and sneeze!

I love to walk on sunny days
But with spring, I have issues
For I am left with itchy eyes
And my nose buried in tissues.

It’s a shame that such beauty
Brings with it such trials
Oh, to enjoy this season
Not with sniffles, but with smiles.

A Job at Macca’s (McDonald’s)

Had a part-time job at Macca’s
Back when I was at uni
The pay was barely crackers
(No, really, it was puny!)

We couldn’t just loaf about
Chilling and having fun
We always got reminded
There was cleaning to be done.

“If there’s time to lean, there’s time to clean”.

Being polite to customers
Was sometimes a real drain
Having to suggestive sell?
Oh boy, that was a pain.

“Would you like fries with that?”

But… I received good training
In customer service, with a smile
Looking back, my 3 years there
Were certainly worthwhile.

My pay sure came in handy
For shopping (and going out)
And there were some fun times
That we could laugh about.

Perhaps I could go back there
Earn a little cash, but then…
There’s no way I would ever
Wear that uniform again!