Christmas Cards

The Christmas cards in the shops
Have scenes of ice and snow
But, they all seem out of place
For it’s summer here, you know.

Show me cards with beach scenes
With sand (and barbecues)
Santa in T-shirt and shorts
Those are the cards I’ll choose!

A warm Christmas Eve this year. (93’F)

Boxing Day and Chill?

It’s Boxing Day in Melbourne
I awoke still full, and tired
I really should relax, and chill
But instead I’m feeling wired.
Half the house is at the cricket
The other half, still asleep
I think about what chores to do
Busy, I like to keep.
I could spend the day at home
No need for the grocery store
We’ve surely enough leftovers
To last a week, or more.
Shopping centres I’ll avoid
All those Boxing Day promotions…
They can keep their discounts
All the crowds, and the commotion.  🙅
The house already had a clean
Everything’s been put away
Perhaps I shouldput up my feet
And enjoy this sunny day.
A comfy chair outside sounds nice
And a nap would suit me fine
But, if I’m still not relaxed…
There’s always the leftover wine  🍾