We’re Out Of…

My child stares into the pantry
Then turns to me, with a pout
“Hey Mum, look at the (fill in the blanks)
It has pretty much run out”.
“Now what am I going to eat?
Why haven’t you bought more?
I thought you’d have picked some up
You’re forever at the grocery store.”
Hungry child, please have a seat
And listen closely to my story
In my head, there’s no magic list
No household invent-ory.
I really can’t keep track of
Everything that’s running low
So if you don’t communicate
Then how am I to know?
Better yet, you’ve got two legs
The store’s close – you know the way
So you can go get things yourself
(And, yes, I’ll be happy to pay).
Dear child, when things next run out
I won’t be blamed any more
Pretty soon you may find
You’re forever at the grocery store!   😉

Sick Day?

(A true story!)         Updated Oct 2019

Called in sick – no work today
A single word I can barely say
A headache and no energy
I really hate this lethargy

“You’ve got a virus” the GP said.
“Go home and go back to bed
Lots of water you will need
Rest your voice – do take heed.”

Now I’m here, home alone
No errands to run, no ringing phone
I should nap for an hour or two
But…there are so many things to do

It’ll only take a little while
To deal with all the paper piles
I really will feel much better
When I’ve dealt with every bill & letter

And – despite the doctor’s wishes
I’ll collect up all the dishes
On goes the dishwasher, but I’m no fool
My kids can empty it after school

Though my body’s telling me to sleep
I’ll give the kitchen a quick sweep
I must clean every little nook
Doesn’t matter if I’m feeling crook.

Soon I’ll rest my weary head
Down in my warm & cosy bed
It’ll do me good to have a doze
But look at all the dirty clothes!

A load or two through the machine
I’ll be happy when they’re all clean
And once they’re up on the line
It really will be snoozing time…

I’ll sit down now, rest my eyes
Oh, the kids are home – a nice surprise
“Stay there Mum, keep off your feet
By the way, what’s there to eat?”

Now my sick day’s at an end
Not sure if I’m on the mend
Come tomorrow, I know what’s best
I’m going back to work to rest!

Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

My Little Boy: A Pee Story

Once toilet-trained, my little boy
Made the most of being “free”
Inside, outside, far and wide
Oh, the places he did pee!
My little boy “watered” our lemon tree
In a bid to make it grow
I’ll admit that’s really not so bad
But it was just the start, you know.
My little boy peed from atop our slide
Oh, he laughed with such delight
As his “waterfall” splashed side to side
And his sisters ran screaming, in fright.

My little boy peed into his closet one day
Onto the floor, but not the clothes
A single word he did not say
I was left to follow my nose!
My little boy peed into his toybox, too
Over every block, car and jet
Unknowing, I reached in to grab a toy…
Surprise! it was smelly and wet.
My little boy peed at the local park
Standing next to one of his friends
They suddenly turned to talk to each other
You can guess how that story ends!
My little boy peed from our balcony
Aiming at a tree way down below
For passers-by it must’ve been
Quite an entertaining show.
My little boy is older now
Peeing is no longer a game
My little boy goes where he should 
But he still needs to work on his aim!