The Australian Open

It’s the last two weeks of January
And the Australian Open’s here
I do enjoy the spectacle
I’ve been going for many years.
The tournament is world-class
The tennis just can’t be beat
But, as sure as the Pope’s a Catholic,

With the tennis, comes the heat. 

Source: The Age
Since I first started going
I’ve seen a changing of the guard
Keeping track of just who’s who?
I find that really hard.
When it comes to favourites
I’m a bit stuck in the past
Lendl, Edberg, Steffi Graf…
Oh, the time it goes so fast!
I do miss Henri Leconte
He brought fun, and laughter
Now, some of our current lot
Make me miss that nice Pat Rafter.
Novak’s a modern favourite
But there’s nobody like the Fed
Will Ferrell really was spot on
“You’re like a gazelle”, he said.
Source: The Daily Mirror
Watching the Open inspires me
To play again, and join a team
I doubt I’ll win a tournament
But a girl can always dream…

Tennis – My Sport

I think back to my childhood
And all the activities I tried
Calisthenics, tennis, Brownies

Till my parents said “Please decide”


“All of this is just too much

We know you think it’s fun
But, we really can’t keep this up
So please, Kath, just choose one…”
The decision was quite easy
It took very little thought
I settled upon tennis
(My mum’s favourite sport).
I did have coaching for a while
‘Till I was ready to play
Then I began in Juniors
Early mornings, each Saturday.
Before long, I started Seniors
You’d think I would be stuffed
But I also played midweek, at night
I just couldn’t get enough!
It wasn’t just about the sport
Or matches to be won
We all enjoyed the social side
And sure had lots of fun.  🍺
A few of us played Sunday nights
An indoor comp, we had a ball
That’s where I met my husband
You could say we scored “love all”.  🎾 💑
(We do make a good doubles pair
But have different styles, you know
He has mastered slice and spin
While I slog it, flat and low).
Later, when my kids were little
And I was between jobs
I played some midweek ladies
And soon refined my lobs!
More recent attempts to have a hit
Have caused some consternation
My brain remembers, my muscles do not
The end result is much frustration.  😣
There are many cobwebs to dust off
Before I reignite the passion
But before I play, I’ll need new clothes
My old trackies are out of fashion!