A Job at Macca’s (McDonald’s)

Had a part-time job at Macca’s
Back when I was at uni
The pay was barely crackers
(No, really, it was puny!)

We couldn’t just loaf about
Chilling and having fun
We always got reminded
There was cleaning to be done.

“If there’s time to lean, there’s time to clean”.

Being polite to customers
Was sometimes a real drain
Having to suggestive sell?
Oh boy, that was a pain.

“Would you like fries with that?”

But… I received good training
In customer service, with a smile
Looking back, my 3 years there
Were certainly worthwhile.

My pay sure came in handy
For shopping (and going out)
And there were some fun times
That we could laugh about.

Perhaps I could go back there
Earn a little cash, but then…
There’s no way I would ever
Wear that uniform again!












First Kiss (There Can Be Only One!)

Sometimes, movies from the past
Can make you reminisce
“Highlander” makes me recall
The night of my first kiss.

‘Twas the mid-80’s then

I was a nerdy, frumpy teen
I felt sad and unattractive
Out with a boy? I’d never been.
My friend Nat felt bad for me
And soon had an idea
“Kath,” she said, “I’ve got a plan
It’ll be fun, don’t you fear”.
“You know my boyfriend, Tom?
Well, he’s got this mate…
Let’s us four go out together
Oh, it’s going to be great!”
The big night soon came around
With nerves, I felt quite sick
We headed into Melbourne town
To catch a brand new flick.
The boy and I sat, in silence
As Connor McLeod lopped heads
Till Tom turned ’round to his mate
“You’re not here for the movie,” he said.
I was, of course, quite mortified
And blushed the brightest pink
I’ll spare the details of what came next
You can just imagine, I think.
It ended up being our only date
That’s OK – I wasn’t peeved
For, despite the awkwardness
The “first kiss” goal was achieved. 💏
I’d found a new classic movie
With a killer soundtrack by Queen
The night really was a success
Out with a boy? Yes, I’d been!